Not Really Music Related, But Heck, It’s Saturday

You know those days, or even weeks, were you are stuck in a sort of limbo between not actually being lazy but not really doing anything at all? That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. So, as a result, I’ve been listening to the same drawn out playlist on YouTube at least a dozen times. Most of it consists of Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and the occasional throwbacks. Until I decide to do the review on Save Rock and Roll, those videos are very overplayed around here and aren’t the article-writing type.

  (Go away Fall Out Boy!)

And really I’ve just been thinking about life in general. Not really deep stuff, I’ve had my head stuck too far into Tumblr for any real deep thinking, but just in general. Part of it, the part I’m going to address today just for the sake of playlisting, is how the best kinds of people aren’t really the ones you care about the most, or get along the best with, but the ones that make you a better person. Better is relative, so that part is up to each and every one of you, but better nonetheless.


As of late, I’m realizing I definitely don’t go into the “hopeless romantic” type. I mean, for me, most love songs can be easily friendzoned and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But, rather it’s family, friends, or other (how do I classify that? Significant other[s]??), music is always a nice way to express feelings. So with that, I’ll leave you with a few songs for the feels.

<– So this one actually kind of hurts because it was cannon once upon a time.

  <– Not really for the feels, but I put this in the humor category of love songs.

^This song is just really pretty, especially for a Shinedown song (:

I promise eventually I’ll get off my butt and listen to new music for you guys. But not today.

Goodnight, sleep well, and enjoy this music or else 😀


Radium Rollercoaster



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