There And Back Again: Mikefest 2013!

Life continuously surprises me, as a person that doesn’t set extremely high standards for most things. I was ready to spend my Saturday night in my room, listening to music I’ve heard dozens of times and scrolling through [insert any website here]. That is, until I was offered to go to this…Mikefest 2013. What was this? I had no idea, but there would be bands there, along with one of my best friends. Which sounds better? Well, a free outside concert of course!

Let me clarify now, Mikefest is a celebration held every year to celebrate the life of Michael Charles Russell, and this years donations went to SGT Keith Hale, who recently medically retired. There were tents set up for local businesses of all kinds, as well as raffles that went towards the donation money. It was a free, all ages event, with children running around on the inflatable slide and bounce carousel. There were also four very excited and well-behaved wild Border collie’s running around: One, Two, Fluffy, and Troublemaker.

We arrived right before Inveyn’s set; a Nashville band that I have heard once before at Rivers & Spires. Their bassist’s strap fell off a good number of four times in total, even when he switched into the frontman’s extra strap. He played it off well, in fact; I didn’t realize he wasn’t just kneeling for affect until he stood up at the end of the song to fix it. They played a few of their own songs, as well as Cumbersome by Seven Mary Three, Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Seek and Destroy by Metallica. They’re great performers, like a mix between Metallica and Godsmack (don’t ask, just accept it), and hopefully next time they play I’ll be there again!

The next act was Kris Bell, a trio that played country-rock with phenomenal guitar solos. I stayed back for the first half of the set, appreciating the musicianship. After we went forward it was insisted that for the next song everyone had to be out from under the trees and in front of the stage. After a fifteen minute wait everyone finally yielded and stood up for the rendition of Freebird, ending a great set.

Most of these bands sounded relatively the same, but as the sun goes down, things are bound to change. At least, that’s what For Lack of Lythium brought to this Mikefest. They are to rock and metal what the Venetia Fair is to pop-punk and alternative: crazy and sporadic and good. They were obviously enjoying themselves; with the lead singer dancing back and forth across the stage. The second song they played when I stood up was something that sounded like Michael Jackson. It wasn’t until Dylan told me (thanks Dylan!) that I realized it WAS Michael Jackson. They killed the coolest rock version of Billie Jean I’ve ever heard; sorry Breathe Carolina! Even moreover, when I went back to talk to them afterwards, the whole band was extremely personable and friendly.

Oh, also, there were these girls that can’t have been older than 8 headbanging and holding up rock and roll signs. They were the stars of that show, props to them and whoever brought them!

It was so nice to get out of the house and see these great bands that performed with such energy and talent. Don’t be surprised if you hear about them again, they’re all local bands thankfully, and I’ve got my eye on them. It just goes to show you that the best things are always unexpected, and the best friends are the ones you go on adventures with.

I don’t have any videos for you guys, but I’ll link all their Facebooks below so you can go like them and keep up with them too!


Kris Bell

For Lack of Lythium


Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. (-: he’s banging cutie on stage was 5 year old Emma Hamm she is my step daughter

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