Amber: A Story of Stick(ing) To Your Guns

As I delve more into the hardcore scene, I’m realizing that there’s a reason why this genre is becoming so popular. The lyrics I’ve seen out of these bands have been some of the most moving, most powerful lyrics I have ever heard. This revelation was brought around to me by the band Stick To Your Guns. I saw one line “She has a smile that could end a war”, in an image (shown below). I didn’t know what genre this was from. I didn’t even know what band it was from. But that one line struck a chord with me and I decided to look more into it.


The song I found was “Amber” by the very same Stick To Your Guns, off of their third album. I had no preconceptions of this band, and thanks to that I was able to really accept the sound and appreciate the lyrics even more. It captures your attention from the beginning, and tells the story of a fourteen year old girl who has potential just like everyone else, and the troubles that seem to follow her regardless.

It speaks to me, obviously, because of my own age. This girl, “Amber”, is basically stuck with these problems that she gave herself. She feels cut off and disconnected from the world and her happiness. It’s something more people go through, and it’s strange because it seems like such a young age, most people don’t acknowledge that that’s when most of the problems start. And it’s hard because like the storyteller, all you want is to tell these people they aren’t alone.

Sometimes it’s the music in a song that captures my interest. If the instrumental was terrible, the lyrics would be useless to making the song any good. But the frusteration and heart is shown through the vocalist as well as the other instruments, which makes this song special. I don’t usually hear songs that instantly compel me to write about them, but when I heard “Amber” for he first time I just knew I’d have to put it out here for everyone to see.


Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. Very good writing. Glad to see you are finally getting your feet wet in the metalcore genre. Open-mindedness goes a LONG way with music….and that is a fact. KEEP LISTENING!!

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