The Ringleader

Three words.

The. Venetia. Fair.

I’m a strong believer of “We’re all quite mad here” theology, because everyone’s got some problem or some sort of insanity bottled up inside of them; whether it’s depression, angry, or just plain crazy. I feel like that’s where a lot bands are missing their real edge. These days, they focus on the emotion that any basic teenagers could relate to. Sadness, heart-break, anger.

But The Venetia Fair takes the elements of “emo”, “theater” and “rock and roll” and puts in their own insanity that just rips through me. On their song “Ringleader”, which is my favorite, they have this bridgepiece in between the verses, where the keyboardist just slams down on the instrument. Many people complained about it, but I found it almost addicting. The chaos of it is intriguing, and it isn’t just “The Ringleader” that has it.

“The Circus” is their 2009 album but the whole album is fantastic. It’s energetic and beautifully crazy. Their lyrics are like one huge metaphor. I think it’s amazing and anyone who’s looking for a new favorite band should check them out.


Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. Short, but a LOVELY post nonetheless :DD
    Definitely worth me checking out!


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