Rocketown: Causing a Scene in the Music Scene

It has come to my attention that everyone and their favorite band has given their two-cents on this whole Rocketown ordeal. While I agree with the facts stated (see links below for PropertyOfZack and Alternative Press’ statements on the situation), I’d like to give my purely opinionated standpoint from a nondenominational, music-loving teenager.

Like Alternative Press put emphasis on, no one really knows the entire story. But if you take these points- it’s a Christian-based establishment in Tennessee- you realize that no matter the reason of his dismissal, the venue has all the power in their corner.

What was people’s response to this incident? Fans and bands alike have made the decision to boycott Rocketown in personal and public protest to this “unfair action”. For some bands, it means playing an 18+ venue. For others, it means skipping Nashville altogether.

Now, I have been to Rocketown several times. It has provided closeness with one of my favorite bands in a safe, all-ages environment. Music of all kinds has been played there, and fans may see local and touring groups year long. I have never been offended by staff; in fact, they are always very kind.

Also pointed out by Alternative Press, leadership does not reflect employees. I believe that despite these actions taken by the head of Rocketown, people should continue to attend shows there because it is the safest, and in my opinion, the best venue in Nashville overall. There is entirely too much false drama going on because of one band’s statement.

Alternative Press:





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  1. Personally, I see how Rocketown has all the power they choose to ban whatever band and/or artist they choose, and I completely respect that. Having said that, I think it is unfair for the fans who pay money to see the bands they want. Some fans might not get another chance to see these bands ever again, so why take away potentially their only opportunity to see them? Coming from a psycho however.

    Much love


    • You must remember that most of these bands are chosing not to play Rocketown. The only band I know that they’ve denied recently was Asking Alexandria and I think that there’s a good reason for that, seeing their drinking habits and such.
      But yes, I understand that they DO have their own faults.

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