Black Veil Bride’s New Music Video

Black Veil Bride’s new concept album, Wretched and Divine, may be evolving into a movie, but the album goes on. Their first single “In the End” was released recently, and I went to take a look. A powerful first single, you know immediately it’s an anthem for the BVBarmy. With a haircut and less makeup, the band’s new look also matured with their sound. It’s not quite unique, but as the first single, it does well in capturing attention with an interesting video and lyrics that speak to most of the audience that Black Veil Brides would be faced with.

The lyrics catches my attention because it’s almost an oxymoron, talking about birth, life, and being reborn, but I think In The End people will agree that it’s just a song that makes you want to follow your dreams, and not be afraid of failure.
Good job Black Veil Brides, you have not lost a fan this day.
Radium Rollercoaster


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