Life On The Murder Scene

The first live album of the rock band My Chemical Romance, “Life On The Murder Scene” documents the bands origin, formation, and life up until right before their third album, The Black Parade, and provides quite the insight to the group of (now four) five men that made the band reality. I got this for Christmas (one of the best Christmas presents ever), and finished it by 11 pm.

Life on the Murder Scene

I think Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge would have to be my favorite album, and I definitely see why this was the album that sent My Chemical Romance into their spiral upward in fame and fanbase. It is not as theatrical in effort as The Black Parade and appearance, but it has more energy and it really channels the idea of “Revenge”. It has what I think of as an Italian sound, which only comes out in later albums, but it’s also just an angry yet sophisticated sound that I think draws alot of attention.


This style for the band became popular after the "Helena" video.

This style for the band became popular after the “Helena” video.

It’s different, and people see that. The band itself is made up of really diverse people and they are always trying to be different. Like Brain said in the “video diary”, Rock and Roll is getting boring. My Chemical Romance shook it up and even with Conventional Weapons (which isn’t technically being released as an album), they are pulling new ideas and new sounds into the scene.

Merry Christmas all!


Radium Rollercoaster


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