Soundgarden’s “Been Gone Too Long”

Fifteen years away, and the first song that Soundgarden released was a 30 second clip of their song featured on the Avengers soundtrack, “Live to Rise”. Now they’re back with a full length album, and the music video for their single, “Been Away Too Long”. While the video has little real purpose, it is entertaining and centers around the pile of bones and ice featured on the cover of the album, “King Animal”.

If this song is an indicator of how 13 years of hiatus can get you, every band that has ever broken up should get back together. The song reflects the Soundgarden that released the songs that got them life-long fans. It is rough but smooth, with Chris Cornell’s vocals nearly as powerful as they were all those years ago. It shows change, but the fans have to face it: that’s what 13 years will do. Some bands come back with terrible- I mean awful reunions. Their music sounds nothing like them, the fans just can’t find the same energy. This…is not the case.

Soundgarden made sure to make this single what they wanted, and it ended up; of course, being what the fans desired as well. I haven’t reviewed the whole album yet, but I think I’m more excited than some of the older fans of Soundgarden.

Oh and people, it doesn’t even have a million views yet, and it’s been up for three weeks. I do believe we’re slacking. Go watch it!

Xoxo, Radium Rollercoaster


Posted on November 26, 2012, in Music!. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Not even a million views, i’m on it!

  2. Nice!! Glad you posted it.. I’ve been slack, and was so looking forward to it!! Gr8 song!!

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