Whole Lotta New Music

Before everything starts up with crazy musical terms and facts, my phone is now dead. As in severely dysfunctional. Somehow all my electronics are saying some nasty words to me. Maybe I should clean my room. How is school for you guys? And for those of you out of school, how is life? I’ve got two honors classes and an AP class. Plus marching band.

Beside the point, I’d like to thank Alternative Press for getting this out before it gained a lot of attention. I must have mentioned to you my love for A Rocket To The Moon. Well, I realized they had never gotten huge and with only a few songs from their single studio album, I was despairing that they’d never make more music together. I know some bands that just don’t keep doing what they do and never get extremely big. And then two weeks later, out came the announcement. They are indeed coming up with a new album soon.

This album is going to be called Wild & Free, and Alternative Press gave a song premier today on their first single “Whole Lotta You”. Personally, the title just floors me. I hate the spelling of “lotta” in general, and just the Led Zeppelin song will not stop ring in my ears when I hear that title. But regardless, I love this song. However, it requires open-mindedness. If you listened a lot to On Your Side then you might be slightly adverted against the new sound. It definitely sounds more country and less pop.

 I think the only difference is the guitar is less acoustic and Nick’s vocals are less high and breathy. If anything, I think that it might make them more popular. The beat of most ARTTM songs are upbeat and on the more snare acoustic side, but I think that “Whole Lotta You” definitely goes to the deeper bass side. It’s still a feel good tune that everyone will want to sing to. It almost sounds like the Script if they all decided life was sunshine and butterflies. In fact, this song gives me butterflies.

I think that’s enough blabber, just enjoy the song (:


Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster


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