Kings For All Days

My laptop crashed. Not sure how to fix it or anything, and it won’t properly start. But my sister was kind enough to let me use hers from time to time, so I’m definitely going to get back to writing.


Pierce the Veil released their video for the single off Collide with the Sky, “King for a Day”, on the 4th. The tune has probably become their most popular very quick. Why? Well, part of it is because it has the fan base of PTV, and the fans from Sleeping with Sirens. Kellin Quinn, the vocalist for SWS, was brought to Vic Fuentes and the rest of PTV through their fans, who were just dying for a duet. And it’s not a duet in the sense that Kellin only sings a few lines, but truly they go back and forth in this song. Personally, I think that the difference between Vic’s coarse vocal beauty and Kellin’s sweet smooth gives this song color and musical depth.


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I hadn’t even thought about a video until I saw they had put one out. I think that it is worth watching the whole thing. Because it’s seemingly unpredictable, and if you are a Sleeping with Sirens fan, the ending will have something you should recognize. All I will say about this video is that Vic finally decided to put someone in their place, and Kellin was more than happy to oblige. It’s set in a bank office, with a corrupt boss and some workers that need more money. Can you figure it out? No? Well, watch it!

Speaking of King for a Day’s video, many fans have tried to pay tribute to this song. To be honest, many failed miserably. I must have watched twenty videos trying to find a good one. There were mediocre ones, don’t get me wrong some of the guys and girls had talent, but it still wasn’t giving me the same feeling as listening to Vic and Kellin. And after a lot of searching, I had found one.

Matt Mcnulty, the bassist for Call Me Anything, has some wicked vocals. He’s done covers of Sleeping With Sirens (F**k You and With Ears to See, Eyes to Hear) and many of Pierce the Veil (Caraphernelia and A Match Into Water), and I am probably a little biased, but I love his voice. It’s amazing. He can scream and sing, and the transitions are smooth. His voice is not auto tuned, if you don’t believe me you can check out… [This:] and he puts his personality into the video’s he makes.

With that being said, I want to know what YOU think.

                Love you all, thanks for supporting me, and check back soon.

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster


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