One Time, At Band Camp…

I went to a metal concert! My drum instructor, the amazing David Charlesworth, is in a band called Question The Chaos, and for a stress relieving night before exhibition, he brought his band to play for the whole camp Thursday evening. I had direct orders from said Mr. Charlesworth to be in the front and starting the mosh pit.

The marching bands were unprepared for the craziness. The band, Question The Chaos, may not have been a huge name in Clarksville, but after that night, you have to know it will be. We had all jumped until our feet hurt, screamed until our voices were hoarse, and head banged until our necks hurt. [For some of us, this pain is still being remedied]. I think that, as well as they did perform, QTC definitely does it for the music. They all were so focused, and that kind of talent doesn’t come out of not wanting to play the music.

So, I think I have a new respect for my teacher, a really painful neck, and a new band to like. (: Go check them out!!/pages/Question-The-Chaos/271090689627673

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster


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