Rocketown: AGAIN!

I officially have to stop saying that a certain day is and will be the best day of my life. I need to make a folder in my brain that is titled “Best Days of My Life.” These past few months have been an insane combination of stress and magic. The type of magic that everyone knows but not everyone can truly master. Music. And once again, The Nearly Deads brought that magic to Rocketown, and I was there.

I saw three other bands while I at Rocketown last night. The first band to go up was Sonsett, a four-man band from Franklin TN. The instrumentals were great, they all were focused and enjoyed playing. My only criticism will be that the vocals- while having quality- were similar in tone and style in most of the music. The musicians had a thing for turning around and making faces at the drummer, which was entertaining to a point. I will point out though; the guitarist had a wicked mustache. Their sound was a soft pop rock, so if you like that, look ’em up!

Next up, The Nearly Deads seemed much more pumped up than usual. They jumped left and right, head banged, and grinned and laughed at each other. There was a lot of internal interaction between the band, which was a little different from what I’ve seen.

After The Nearly Deads was a band called Brick + Mortar. “One band is from [New] Jersey, so I like them already,” Kevin (The Nearly Deads) joked to me before the shows even started. We were in the middle of talking and signing stuff when I heard one of the band members- the singer- of Brick + Mortar talking. It was a fast sound check.

“Will all of you come right around here?” He asked, pointing to the front of the stage. He was a demanding performer. “The main group of offenders is right here,” He then gestured to the area where we were standing, and partially shamed I travelled to the front of the stage. It was an interactive performance. I couldn’t help but notice that Kevin (TND) and the singer also shared a similar style of hair. “Are you sure they aren’t related?” I nudged my friend who was beside me.

Brick + Mortar had a style unique to the show and only had two members. They consider themselves indie, and I would not deny them that, but there is a specifically ‘sunny’ aspect of their music that I think people really enjoy. Obviously I did too. My favorite moment of their performance was when the singer threw his tambourine on the ground. If I treated the tambourine like that in percussion class, I wouldn’t be here right now.

The last but definitely not least was the 5 member-ed From Indian Lakes. One of their members, who played piano and tambourine, was just all over the place. The other members were a little more immobile. I walked to the other side of the room and loudness surprised me. This band had a good amount of variety. The music had depth, as usually does when you have 5 different members, but in a good way. I enjoyed the last of the music, and when it finally got quiet, I was tired, hungry, and happy.

I would recommend the bands to everyone, and if you’re in Nashville, Rocketown is an amazing place for music.

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster


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