Steady As He Goes

He has been in three successful bands, just released a solo album, is Nashville Music City Ambassador as of 2011, was number 70 on The Rolling Stones list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, and turned 37 on this day. Still don’t know who it is? His name is Jack White, and he is from Detroit, Michigan. He is multi-talented, not only singing, but playing guitar, piano, organ, bass, and drums; to name a few.

His fame is probably most widely drawn from The White Stripes, the band he started with then-wife, although the band continued after the 2000 divorce for another 10 years. The White Stripes started in 1997, and since then had distributed 6 studio albums, 1 EP, and 2 live albums. As a duo, The White Stripes received 6 Grammys, 3 for best Alternative Performance.

However, White was also a part of The Raconteurs, a blues-alternative quartet. It began in Nashville during 2005, when Jack White wrote the song “Steady As She Goes” with a musician friend. They have released 2 albums, and even though the band is not technically on hiatus, I believe they will not rejoin for a third.

In 2009, Jack created yet another band, The Dead Weather. They have released 2 studio albums. But the best think Jack White has done lately is his own solo album, Blunderbuss. With a sound that is definitely just Jack White, it involves his own lyrics and instruments such as tambourines, fiddles, mandolins, and clarinets to create a style that is unmistakable. Blunderbuss peaked at #1 in Belgium, Canada, Swiss, the UK, and the US. It peaked #2 in Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

In the last decade, Jack White has broke three bands into the music scene, and made a name for himself, unlike many other musicians that will or have been. The absolute best part of him is not how he plays so many different instruments, or how unique his voice is. Those things make up the best part of him: that he does what he wants to do. For him, it’s about the music. And that’s what makes his original sounding music so original and popular.

Happy 37th Jack, and I hope I see more of your music, no matter the form.

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster


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