Just Off Main Interview

You may not know them yet, but in a few years or a few months, you’ll hear them everywhere. With heavy determination and an awesome personality, Just Off Main is destined to do something good. I got to be the bands first interview. I interviewed their front man Evan Elliot, and I think he sums up everything about Just Off Main in these questions. Check them out on Facebook and keep your ears and eyes out.



1) What are the names of the members in Just Off Main and what do they play?

I (Evan Elliott) Sing main vocals and play lead guitar

Keith Gentry does guitars and backing vox

Corey England does bass and backing vox

Daniel Pulley does drums and backing vox

2) How did you guys get together?

Well Daniel and I have been playing since about 2002 when he moved to my town. We hit it off immediately coming from similar musical backgrounds and me being in desperate search of a drummer to form a band. We formed a couple different groups over the years, played with different musicians but the chemistry in writing and live performance has always been and still is with him and I. Corey joined us about a year and a half ago. I found him on a craigslist add he had posted looking for a jazz fusion band to join. I thought to myself this kid could be an interesting player so i hit him up to see if he wanted to jam with us. The first time we got together it was as if Corey had been there all along. He fell right into place and his style was so impressively unique. We still needed a guitarist aside from me so a few months later Corey brought his friend Keith in for a jam. Keith was a total metal head but a really great guitarist and completely got our style and blended so well with us. Even off stage and out of the studio or rehearsal room we are all best friends. We like having chill time together. It’s not very often bands actually share friendships what with music being like your place of work sometimes.

3) What has been your favorite show thus far?

Personally my favorite show was 2012 Rivers and Spire’s where we played Z97.5’s Last Band Standing competition. I don’t think we have ever played better or had a bigger reaction from a crowd. We wound up playing back to back shows in one day due to a rain out the day before. We wound up placing second which really felt like a great accomplishment considering we were a young fresh band and this was our first attempt at the competition.

4) What’s the hardest part of being in a band?

Probably the hardest part for us right now is trying to play as much as possible to promote and get our feet off the ground while still trying to maintain our regular lives.

5) What kind of reception do you usually get from crowds when you play?

Well we’ve played to many different types of crowds. Some of which don’t care for our style of music yet we still get a positive response because when it comes to our live show its just that, a show. We can’t play for an hour just standing in one spot emotionless. We move, we jump, we scream, we point, we make the funniest faces that always seem to get caught on camera, but overall we feel what each of us are doing up there.

6) How do you write your songs, both instrumentally and lyrically?

I have the strangest writing style ever. 9 times out of 10 I hear a melody in my head when I’m in a noisy environment. Like plants, factorys, construction sites, etc;.. All of these of which are my present or previous workplaces. I get the weirdest looks when I’m singing or humming some new melody into my phone. haha. Every once and a while I’ll actually sit down and try to write on a pressing emotion or situation I’ve been dealing with lately. It tends to be a bit harder to accomplish but you really get a sense of the overall feeling of the song.

7) Where do you aspire to be in a few years as a band?

Hopefully signed to a major label and touring with some of our friends and favorite bands.

8) Where is the farthest away from your base-town that you have played?

Well just getting started we haven’t even had the chance to play outside Tennessee but the farthest i believe would be Fayettville, TN.

9) What word would describe Just Off Main perfectly?


10) Is there anything specific about Just Off Main that people should know?

We stride to have a bigger effect on our fans with each and everything we do. Whether it’ll be a live performance, a recording session, a goofy youtube video or just hanging out before and after shows. Fans are what drive this band and feed us the adrenaline we need. I don’t think the 4 of us will ever lose sight of that.


There you go! I can’t wait to go to a live show!

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. Thanks for posting this interview. Just Off Main is a force to be reckon with. They are relatively new to the scene and already accomplishing great things. Definitely a band to watch!

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