A Quick Check Up

                Just a few things that have been going on in the music scene lately:

New Music Video:

Marianas Trench released the video for “Desperate Measures” yesterday on Vevo. It is following nicely in the storyline of Ever After. Queen Carolina is controlling the band members, using dolls that the fans themselves created. It is funny, as always, Josh and the boy definitely put on a show.


A snapshot from the video.

My New Favorite:

“Roger Rabbit”, off of Sleeping With Sirens’ new EP, If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack. It actually has an R&B or Hip Hop feel, different from the usually hardcore rock style that they have. I like it because of the words and the sweetness of Kellin Quinn’s voice in it. It is talking about how you have to be your own person, make your own decisions, and love yourself first and foremost.


The cover for the EP (:

New Album:

All Time Low is officially back in the studio for their new album. As of now, it’s untitled (as far as I know), and will be released in the fall. They are quick to get back to work. Unlike some bands, that start recording after two or three years, All Time Low didn’t even wait a full year before getting back into session. It will be difficult to top “Dirty Work”, but All Time Low has only gotten better with time.

I’m not even going to ask, the crazy dudes.

Despite my busy schedule, music has not left my life and I believe I’m fine with returning to my crazy website. I hope all of you love it.

Xoxo Radium Rollercoaster

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