My Journeys at the Backyard BBQ

              Have you ever been super excited for something, and then it turns out a million times better than you ever imagined? That day for me was June 2nd, at the Journeys Backyard BBQ in Nashville. I went with my parents and younger sister for the Battle of the Bands and Marianas Trench. I hoped to get enough material for a good article. I had no idea what was in store for me.

            We were around a half hour late, and I was worried. I had no reason to be, but that’s the way I am. I don’t want to miss a single little minute. As were entered though, my excitement refueled. There were so many people, and many different activities. First we tried to see the skateboarding and BMX. Twice I tried to stand there. My 5’4 self was too short to get a picture, however. So my mom dragged me away.

            We walked around the booths- which included Seventeen, Osiris, and Skullcandy-, where my sister got a Jack in the Box spray paint tattoo, a signed Motocross poster. Soon we came across the All-American Rejects booth. My sister and I scurried around to find the Marianas Trench booth, but no such booth existed. Instead we landed upon the third band’s booth. The Nearly Deads was the name.

Tj, the singer of the Nearly Deads with us!

            I was really excited to see them, because they were the only female-fronted band. And WOW was she beautiful. We were first greeted by Kevin, who I later learned was the bassist. He was very nice, and that’s when I realized that the people working the booth WERE the band. I shyly approached them, looking at the merch. I bought a CD but decided to wait on the shirt, which I later regretted when they ran out of white shirts, and I ended up with a black one.

            My mom pulled out her camera to get a photo of us and the band, which we lost somewhere along the way. Afterwards she mentioned my website, and TJ- the kind, amazing vocalist and keyboarder- agreed that one day they would sit down for me to interview them. This was when it really hit me. This day was going great. I promised I’d be there to watch them perform.

            We grabbed two pieces of pizza and a soda, and sat down in some grass. We voted for The Nearly Deads and ninja-d a good seat for the Motocross. It was a challenge, capturing the perfect moments. My arm hurt quickly, but we loved watching. I lost track of time, and I grabbed my sister’s arm and started running as people migrated to the stage.

            Sadly we only managed to be four people back, instead of the very front like I had hoped for. I picked her up as the announcer threw out free stuff. My sister got a shirt- and later a backpack. During the Nearly Deads show, there were only THREE people moving around. I felt bad for the band, because they were amazing, but Kevin and TJ kept their energy high. Halfway through the show, TJ came to my side and I threw up my arms, and she pointed at me.

            They performed perfectly, but I had to wait so my sister and I could retain our places for Marianas Trench. We actually moved to the very front. A wait of 40 minutes with a newly made friend seemed worth it in the end. Patience paid off when Josh jumped on stage in his red pants and yellow and black tie. They started with “Ever After”, and everyone put their hands in the air and jumped. Another friend of mine, the very talented Annie-Rose (of looked like she was in a daze. My sister looked like she was going to faint.

            After a few songs, including “Haven’t Had Enough”, “Fallout”, and “All To Myself”, I knew the end was coming up. I asked to be in the front, and stuck my arms over the bars. My favorite song: “Cross My Heart”. We were jumping like crazy, and I screamed and sang and smiled. I love concerts, and being that close was just insane for me. Josh moved far to the right, away from us, but Matt came close to the edge. He was smiling and nodding in my direction, but habit made me think that it couldn’t have been me.

            Then he pointed straight to me and said he liked my shirt. I said thank you, or tried to over the noise. Highlight of my night, so I told myself. Annie took off right after the song, to be up in the line to meet the band. I grabbed Vivian and again we pushed against the crowd to find them. While in line, my dad text me and told me to go to him. He was over by Matt, and my sister and I got a picture. Dad had seen me get the attention.

Matt Webb, the guitarist for Marianas Trench, and Us.

            Ready to leave, we sat down by a tree. I had a Nearly Deads shirt, a keychain, a button, and a great time. My sister had a tank, a free shirt, a free backpack…among some other things. My dad smiled at me, and this is what he told me. More or less, I don’t have the BEST memory. “I talked to Matt when he first walked out, and told him about your website. He said if you get in touch and tell him you’re the girl with the purple/pink hair and My Chemical Romance shirt, he’ll do an interview. He can’t right now, obviously.”

            And that is when my dad got punched in the face with happiness. Also known as me jumping on him and almost busting his lip open. We got Dairy Queen and came home. I had sore legs and feet, and a raging headache. All of it was worth it. I realized a few things that changed my life, and I met a few people that did the same.

            If you haven’t heard of The Nearly Deads, you really should. They are amazing and talented, and you should check them out. If you don’t know, Marianas Trench is a huge band. Being able to possibly interview Matt is a big deal, so hopefully it works out. The concert was a great idea, and it was FREE! I can’t believe this happened.

            Sometime this week I am also putting up my interview with the band Chasing Bear, so keep an eye out for that. Enjoy a song from the Nearly Deads and a video from Marianas Trench, and keep coming back! I’m just getting started.

            XoXo Radium Rollercoaster


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