The Reckless And The Brave

 Facebook has saved me! Now I get updates from all of the best bands, and I have found yet ANOTHER amazing song to write about. Just today pop-punk band All Time Low streamed their new song “The Reckless And The Brave”.  Curiousity ensued. The tune is already being made into videos by loyal fans, and the views are stacking up immeadiately. I am one of those viewers.

I will never wave my white flag

  This song spins a great teenage inspiration story. “Long live the reckless and the brave, I don’t think I wanna be saved, My song has not been sung. So, long live us!” This opening verse, the first half of the power chorus is a message to the fans, saying that people have to take a chance to achieve their dreams.

“Looking out at town called Suburbia, Everybody’s just fighting to fit in, Little rats running mazes, having babies, It’s a vicious little world that we live in.” This is a really obvious verse, that describes almost every modern American city. It may all seem the same, but for some of us, it isn’t easy.

“Looking out, got a life on the other side, I realise that I didn’t fit in, Didn’t hate it, but I didn’t quite relate it to my precious little world.” This next verse is something that not all people realize, which is why this song won’t properly relate to many teenagers. It isn’t about hating the world you live in, but seeing that you should be somewhere else. He sees his dream, and knows that being where he is won’t help. You don’t have to hate the world to not fit in.

“And long live the fast times so come what may, I don’t think I’ll ever be saved, Our song has not been sung. Long live us!” This is a harder translation. After you acheive your dreams, things just get more complicated. The dream doesn’t stop.  He doesn’t think he’ll go back to the ‘town’, that things will never be the same.

“Breaking out of a town called Suburbia, I remember everybody, I was saying little brat must be crazy, Never make it in our vicious little world, Still I’m leaving.” When people do crazy things for their dreams, others will critisize. But even though you may not make it, you have to try. So still you leave.

“Got a van, got a chance, got my dignity, Got a dream, got a spark, got somewhere to be, Take a breath, say goodbye to the precious little world.” This is the line that gets me. This is all you need for your dreams to come true. You have to just do it.

So all in all, I freaking love this song. It has a clear message and it is a damned good one too. I hope ATL fans share the love to their friends, and those friends to their friends. And I hope you, my reader, will take something away from this song, and my article on said song. Do what you want in life, do what you love. Don’t worry about anyone else, and definitely don’t change because of this vicious little world.

Long live us,

XoXo Radium Rollercoaster


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