Breathe Carolina’s New Tune

            What is our favorite Electronic-Rock band up to now? Releasing a brand new, awesome single called “Hit and Run”. Between the low tones and the high hitters, the vocals are out of this world, and the music makes you want to dance, like most of their music. The video is not out yet, but Breathe Carolina are definitely going to be making one, they say. It will actually have a concept! Let’s face it, Breathe Carolina are for good times and dancing, not concepts. But who isn’t excited to see what they come up with?

If the cover has anything to do with the video, we are in trouble!

          This takes me back to “Blackout”, the first song I heard by them. Like most of my music, I found them by chance and am very glad I did. It’s the kind of song that makes you rock your head back and forth and close your eyes to enjoy the beat. If Breathe Carolina keeps this stuff up, “Hit and Run” is just the beginning to an incredible take over.


XoXo Radium Rollercoaster


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