Pop Wednesday

This is not set in stone, I know these bands can be considered alot of other stuff. But let me make a point, these are just bands of the same general sound, not the same genre. Genre doesn’t mean anything. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, nor a band by their genre.

1. Nevershoutnever- Christofer Drew Ingle is not only a multi-talented artist, but in all but his most recent album, he played all of his instruments. His voice has range and he always uses it to tell a story. His voice is bouncy when it is a happy song, and drags out the sad songs. I love to listen to him when I’m angry or sad. His music has a demeanor that is just…happy. Even the sad songs make you smile because he is just an amazing artist. Recommended: First Dance for happiness, The Past for a story.
2. The Scene Anesthetic- A duo of epic proportions, most of the Scene Anesthetic’s music is soft and acoustic. Their voices are distinctively different and you have to have a certain taste to fully enjoy them. My favorite is definitely Alvin Maker’s Greensong. Also, look at the books about Alvin Maker.
3. We The Kings- More loud and poppy than the other bands but just as good, We The Kings rock. Travis’ voice is very nice, and it is another band that just makes you want to smile and dance. Any song by them is bound to impress, but if I must recommend one, definitely go for Skyway Avenue. In that song he goes into a soft lullaby whisper that I just adore.
4. The Downtown Fiction- This band has a regularly upbeat tone, and all of their songs are very nice. Of course, the one to listen to is ‘I Just Wanna Run’ because of the way he sings it. NOTE: it was also on my afterschool playlist!
5. My Favorite Highway- For something really upbeat but not overplayed pop you’ve heard every day, look up My Favorite Highway. The singer has a pretty good range, mostly lower than most pop bands. My favorite, a catchy tune, is “Murder On The Radio”.

There you have it!
What should tommorrow be? Let me know!

XoXo Radium Rollercoaster

EDIT: Total fail. It’s “Secret Valentine” not “Skyway Avenue”. For some reason the latter has been stuck in my head lately.


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