Maybe you are wondering, “‘Radium Rollercoaster’, what type of ‘feedback’ do you want?”

Well, I want a list of things:

  • New and upcoming bands
  • Old favorites
  • New albums
  • Comebacks
  • Lineup Changes
  • Deaths
  • Tours
  • Music scenes

Most of all, I want new ideas and music! This is about expanding people’s knowledge of music, and showing people that genres don’t mean anything. There is good music hiding around every corner. You never know what you will like, trust me!

I am going to start a weekly post called, “The People’s Choice.” It’s a cliche title, but it is pretty obvious what it means. I will take all the recommendations by my commenters (if I have any!) and I will review whatever music material they have given me. Please leave a comment to be one of these people. If you want to be recognized as the source, let me know in the comments!


Thanks everybody! Also, let me know how you got here so I can thank whatever that was!


XoXo, Radium Rollercoaster


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  1. Hey radium I figured I’d ask what your feelings are on techno and I’m not talkin dubstep. Songs like blackout by breathe Carolina or sorry for party rocking. Thnx

    • Hey Justin,
      I really like Breathe Carolina, and I found Blackout on Youtube awhile ago. I like that type of techno, there is a distinct difference between voice distortion and auto-tune.
      I honestly am very repelled from LMFAO (I think they are immature), but I will take a look at the song.
      *looks it up*
      There isn’t much bass in that song, or any of LMFAO’s songs, but the music is pretty good. I just do not like them as a band.
      As for dubstep, even though I know you said NOT dubstep, what is your opinion? I do like a good amount of dubstep.

      One last comment, as you are the first person to ask me anything. I want to point out that these songs are electronic, not techno. LMFAO is electro-pop, as Breathe Carolina is electronic rock.

      Thanks 🙂
      Radium Rollercoaster

  2. I think that basshunter is techno, but I’m not sure, you should check them out though

  3. Thanks for the input. Also I think you are right about LMFAO. Personally I think they’re just a trend. Also I really didn’t know the difference between techno and electronic so thank you for that. 😀

    • No problem bro! To each is one’s own, but hey, can you blame me?
      Yeah, big difference between tech and electronic. Techno generally doesn’t have words, but just phrases. Check out Crystal Method! They did the theme song for Bones. Just a suggestion.
      XoXo Radium Rollercoaster

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